Parent Teacher Association - Addalesson "The Parent" - [Emcee, Writer, Performer] & Mean Marc "The Teacher" - [Producer, Writer, DJay]

Addalesson, better known as Kevin Anthony Graham is a student of Hip-Hop. Giving all honor and gratitude to all his predecessors, he is a "God Fearing" gifted wordsmith. His approach to penmanship is always detailed and his cadence and delivery is deliberate. His emphasis on positive principles, family value are all reflective of his southern upbringing. Born in Smithfield, NC he began honing his craft at an early age. He sung "tenor" in the church choir well before he ever developed a tenor voice, but was often told it was his spirit that would move people. He credits the late 80's and early 90's "Golden Era" of Rap as what drew him into the art form. It was not until his teenage years though, that he transformed his writing of small narratives and his intense reading of book after book into his approach for writing music. Like most emcees he began in the ever-important cypher, with beat drops on anything from lunch tables, to lockers, to beat boxing kids slinging spit on everybody in sight. With an active imagination from all the books he read, his freestlye ability was unmatched. He began recording his own music in his late High-School years, though his environment was diseased with poverty and often times, despair. He avoided the usual drug and gun references, misogyny, violent, and often unimaginative style of Hip-Hop. Instead he began painting those pictures of his surroundings from a true insiders view, making sure to note that everybody growing up below the poverty line wasn't planning on staying there, and aimed to make a legitimate plan of action to get out and in return offer the opportunity to bring some other folk with him. While attending East Carolina University he and a group of friends formed Secret Society also known as "Double S" and released 3 albums [Wicked Concoctions Vol. 1- The Hundred Hand Slap (2002), Wicked Concoctions Vol. 2 - What You Talkin' About (2003), and Wicked Concoctions Vol. 3 (2007)] . The albums garnered great reviews and spawned Addalesson's first solo release "The Road less Traveled" (2007). Now with his own label "Carry Me Inc." and his second LP "Road Less Traveled: Book II - Leap Of Faith", produced by Mean Marc, whom collectively they form P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association), Addalesson is ready and poised, focused and determined, and still carving his own lane in the history of Hip-Hop!! Still saying "People into self-bondage "ish, but it's not kinky at all, it's called thinking to small" he's got his eyes set on the "Big Picture" and he's still pressing for "The Mark" of that higher calling of God!