Customer Reviews

Leap of Faith 


This is one of the best albums I've heard in awhile. The production is amazing, the cohesiveness of the entire body of work is second to none. Addalesson's command of the microphone lyrically, stylistically, and sonically is astounding! Mean Marc is genius in telling the story and setting the tone with his production! Be on the look out for more to come from Parent Teacher Association!


Days Like This ft. Walt-Leon


“Cymbals, keyboard and a musical arrangement start it off. The lyrics and the tempo match one another. The lyrics are very useful because they are truthful that "days like this" are not always going to be what they want them to be. The struggles will help make one stronger if you don't give up. The beat is steady and hopeful.”

“A great group rap verse, in this song. The beat sounds awesome in this track, which the notes used to make up the backing works great because it is more complex compared to other rap backings i have heard. A nice sound”

“This sounds like it would be a very good song for someone who preferred rap to other types of music. The music is nice and goes well with the rap, not to aggressive like a lot of rappers music is. Good lyrics, never give up. This is just a test. Great sentences to have in a song.”

“I like how the background music is subtle at the start and then the rap breaks in. This song reminds of a nice place in a
America and driving on a long road. What makes the song is the use of two different rappers and how they both have
different things to often to the song as they both have different tones of voice. I like how the music then goes subtle again halfway through it makes the listener still in tune. I personally think it has high potential for the future.”

"This is the kind of music that builds communities and encourages children to stay on a positive path, no matter what their environment is.”

“The inspiring message of this lyric comes through clearly. The beat/rhythm is one that make me want to move. The lyrics are clear and make good sense. By the second chorus I was singing along.”

It 's uplifting and positive over all, and I see that appealing to a market base. There are a lot of people who would be more into hip-hop if they weren't so uncomfortable with the common lyric topics in these songs. This song is uplifting but great musically, and that will appeal to a lot of people.”

“I would love for this song to end up on the radio. I think it has potential to be huge. The chorus is well constructed, the beat
is nice, not too overbearing. The lyrics remind me of Nappy Roots' "Down n Out ". A song just about how life isn't always
perfect, and sometimes you just have a bad day. And you have to work yourself out of it. It 's a strong message that you don't hear a lot on rap stations these days. There have been a few that I can think of off the top of my head (Lupe Fiasco's The Show Goes On, comes to mind) but it 's ultimately a message that needs to be shown more often. The rapping stays on beat, and no single person takes over the track. The production quality is wonderful, and all of the elements boil together to create a wonderful mix of down-to-earth lyrics with and overall up-beat message.”

“The beat in the beginning of the song is decently put together. Reminds me of a mix of 80's Techno and today's House
music. The rappers have a good flow, together in unison. They both are clear with their lyrics and hold some passion in theirvoice. I like that. The beat changes pace here and there, which keeps things somewhat entertaining for their listeners. The words are written very well, and tell a story from the artists view point. That 's a good quality about the track. The words are very motivating and inspiring, to me. It 's just a very beautiful message. It 's about real and raw issues. I just can really appreciate that they can have the talent to rap about it yet have it come together nicely in a catchy fashion.”

“I love this song. The beat and the lyrics are off the hook. The lyrics and the music was in key and flowed very good together. I would go and buy this song. I like the was the keyboard was playing solo and the the back up singers came in and hit they keys.”

“Synth intro was nice, drums are HAMMERED! I the synth sample, lite. Lead MC's are doing good, the bubble sample is nice to hear, sets easy in your ear. Vocal rhythm schemes are TIGHT! Bass kicks are perfect! Piano fits the key.”

“Nice electronic instrumentals. Lyrics are clear. The harmonies are awesome. Vocals have nice tone, are sharp and concise. I really enjoyed the story of the song. Overall, This song was really good. Impressive. Good mix of instrumental and vocals. Good lyrics.”

“The intro to this song had a good build up and made me wonder what the song was going to be like. The artist is so talented and amazing at rapping i really enjoyed listening to him! The lyrics have alot of meaning to them and all the lines fit in well together. The length of the song is spot on. The song has been produced really well the singing is clear and the music sounds good. The chorus is very catchy i found myself singing it by the end of the four minutes. I will definitely be listening to this song again and will be recommending it to all my friends as they enjoy this type of music. I think it will sell well as this type of music is very popular at the moment and many of the songs in the top charts are like this one. Good luck.”